Tales of Ruthnir

29th of the 7th, 2016
In Which the Rogue is Executed

Our heroes are poisoned, and taken to the dungeons of Korkoth keep, about a day’s ride from Wakefield. John manages to KO the guard, then rips the poor man’s head off with his beard. Visenya riffles through the man’s pockets for spare change.

After discovering a map of the necromancer’s cave, the party finds a swinging bookcase, and make a mad dash for escape.

In the caves, Visenya became intimately familiar with the waste repository of Korkoth Keep. The necromancer’s haemonculus was destroyed, and the heroes discovered its treasure.

Shortly afterward, the party found the necromancer. They managed to slay him before he murdered Void, and then proceeded to obliterate the man’s bugbear minion.

After trading with some Vegepygmies, our heroes left the caves, killed a deer, and ran off to eat. A jester appeared before them, called them by name, and offered them a chance to draw from his deck. Visenya lost all of her magic items (read: nothing) and Zarral turned against Visenya. He also became lawful evil.

The rogue proceeded to try (and fail) to kill Visenya. He was subdued quickly, then the party executed him. His soul was, presumably, captured by Asmodeus.

Seriously, what the hell.

Of the Events of the 15th of the 7th, year 2016
In Which Merty got a Hat

Visenya, Zorral, John (Illogotin) and Pyta completed their trek through the catacombs below the Wakefield Temple. After shutting the Black Book and destroying the skeletal champion, our intrepid heroes explored the rest of the crypt, vanquishing skeletons and rehoming disheveled corpses, after rifling through their pockets for loose change. Verily, Visenya vomited violently. John, having seen some shit, gave none.

A choker attempted (and failed) to lure our heroes into a burial chamber with a pile of spoils. It was dispatched in short order, in spite of its attempts to dismember our heroes in dastardly fashion. Once it was dead, the party decided to take its mutilated corpse to Mrs. Walker, for some reason or another (seriously, wtf).

John expressed an interest at first in making the choker’s hand into a hat for Merty, the nervous priestlet, then wanted to make a stretchy claw hand weapon, then settled on crossbow bolts.

Mrs. Walker probably ate the damned thing.

Our heroes commenced the sorting of loot and shopping, and discussed plans to leave town before more bad things happened.


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